Tombstone: A Sci-Fi Western

The creative team is:

  • Brian Fidler - Writer/Director/Puppeteer
  • Edward Westerhuis - Director of Photography/Co-Creator/Puppeteer
  • Jessica Hickman - Dramaturge/Co-Creator
  • Genevieve Doyon - Co-Creator/Puppeteer
  • Clair Ness - Co-Creator/Puppeteer
  • Jordy Walker - Composer

Ramshackle Theatre is a puppet company based out of Whitehorse, YT.  Jessica has worked with Ramshackle's AD Brian Fidler on many projects in the past, and she was delighted to be invited to work with him again on his newest cardboard creation Tombstone: A Sci-Fi Western. 

In May, 2014 the project was launched at the Banff Centre of the Arts. Ramshackle was invited to spend a week developing the show in one of the most beautiful studio's.  The team worked on character development, script development, and puppet building.  

The second phase of development occurred in August, 2014 at the Yukon Arts Centre.  The team got together to work for two weeks in the studio.  Brian had a solid first draft by this point, so we were manipulating puppets, and establishing our "worlds" onstage.  Puppets were continually being created, and we were throwing together scenes and filming them to test it out.  

We are looking forward to a third phase of development this February in Victoria, BC.  A second draft of the play is ready (with the help of D.D. Kugler), and the crew will be workshopping the material at Intrepid Theatre.