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Canadian College of Performing Arts - Victoria, BC

February 2019

Director: Barbara Tomasic

Music Director: Brad L’Écuyer

Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

Times Colonist Review

CCPA Spotlight Article

“Fellow stage veteran Jessica Hickman offers choreography that’s unfailingly cheeky and fun.” - A.Chamberlain (Times Colonist)

Pacific Opera Victoria - Victoria, BC

February 2018

Conductor: Giuseppe Pietraia - Director: Maria Lamont

Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

Times Colonist - review

"Choreographer Jessica Hickman has created entertaining dances for large ensemble sections." - A.Chamberlain (Times Colonist)

The Belfry Theatre - Victoria, BC

December 2012, 2015 & 2017

Director: Michael Shamata

Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

2017 Showbill - 5 star review

2015 Times Colonist - 5 star review

2012 Times Colonist - 4.5 star review

"Most memorable is Mr. Fezzi-wig's Christmas party, in which celebrants enact a minuet that captures life's fleeting joy like nothing else." - A.Chamberlain (Times Colonist)

Badlands Amphitheatre - Drumheller, AB

July 2014, 2015, & 2017

Co-Directors: Barrett Hielman & Jessica Hickman

Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

Calgary Herald - preview

Zee Zee Theatre & The Cultch - Vancouver, BC

March 2017

Director: Cameron Mackenzie

Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

Georgia Straight - review

Vancouver Presents - review

"Aiding Cameron capably indeed was choreographer Jessica Hickman who excelled particularly in three show-stopping numbers -- each of which had the crowd clapping and cheering and shouting their enthusiasm gustily and generously." - Broken Leg Reviews

The Belfry Theatre - Victoria, BC

& Prairie Theatre Exchange - Winnipeg, MB

August 2016

Director: Michael Shamata

Movement Director: Jessica Hickman

Times Colonist - 4 star review

The Belfry Theatre - Victoria, BC

April 2016

Director: Glynis Leyshon - Music Director: Nico Case

Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

Times Colonist - 4.5 star review

"Leyshon, assisted by choreographer Jessica Hickman, ensures this production gets what it needs." - Adrian Chamberlain

Chemainus Theatre Festival - Chemainus, BC

December 2016

Director: Mark DuMez - Music Director: Brad L'Ecuyer

Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

Janis Lacouvee - review

Victoria Operatic Society - Victoria, BC

May 2014

Director & Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

Music Director: Heather Burns

Times Colonist Review

More than anything, theatregoers will be impressed with Thoroughly Modern Millie’s big production numbers, which are terrific. Throughout, Hickman’s choreography bristles with panache and wit. - A.Chamberlain (Times Colonist)

Glenlyon Norfolk School - Victoria, BC

November 2014

Director: Christopher Weddell

Music Director: Marvin Regier

Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

The Belfry Theatre - Victoria, BC

October 2003

Director: Ron Jenkins

Movement Consultant: Jessica HIckman

CVV Review

Janis LaCouvee Review

"The physical humour throughout this play is a standout of the production—mostly thanks to Jessica Hickman’s precise, imaginative choreography." - Melanie Trump Hoover (CVV Magazine)


Theatre SKAM - August 2013

  • Director: Matthew Payne

  • Musical Director: Brad L'Ecuyer

  • Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

Photo by: David Cooper


The Belfry Theatre - May 2013

  • Director: Michael Shamata

  • Music Director: Bill Henderson

  • Choreographer: Jessica Hickman


The Guild Theatre - April 2013

  • Director: Shane Snow

  • Musical Director: Brad L'Ecuyer

  • Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

Photo by: Tristan Shouldice


Lighthead Productions - March 2012

  • Director: Michael Worth

  • Choreographer: Jessica Hickman

Not Gunna Play Music Video

Photo by: Chemainus Theatre Archives


Chemainus Theatre Festival - December 2011

  • Director/Choreographer: Julie McIsaac

  • Choreo Consultant: Jessica Hickman


Victoria Operatic Society - December 2011

  • Director: Don Keith

  • Musical Director: Hilary Coupland

  • Choreographer: Jessica Hickman