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Photo by: Jessica Hickman

Tombstone: a sci-fi western

Ramshackle Theatre/Banff Centre for the Arts/Yukon Arts Centre - May 2014 to now.

  • Director/Writer: Brian Fidler
  • Co-creators: Edward Westerhuis, Genevieve Doyon, Clair Ness, and Jessica Hickman
  • Dramaturge: Jessica Hickman/DD Kugler

Photo by: Ruth Borgfjord

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Open Pit Theatre/Pivot Theatre Festival - January 2014

  • Director/Dramaturge: Jessica Hickman
  • Playwrights: Geneviève Doyon & Aislinn Cornett

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Photo by: Jessica Hickman

the yukon verbatim project

Open Pit Theatre - March 2014 to now

  • Director: Jessica Hickman
  • Play Editor: Geneviève Doyon
  • Dramaturge: Joel Bernbaum

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